MAYUMI-CHAN – Family Portrait ^o^

Mayumi’s story (in her own words)…

Once upon a time (*mukashi, mukashi)…there was me! How do you do? I’m a happy She-Kitten namedMAYUMI – Welcome my to my world! ♥ I kind of look like a kokeshi (traditional Japanese doll) because according to my Dad, he fell in love with one and that’s how I was born.

I weigh 7.6 apples, 3.6 pears, 8.8 oranges. Don’t worry, I’m on a diet.

I can be your bff…if you take me for omakase sushi. <・ )))><< It’s so expensive *(*´∀`*)☆ so can you treat please? I love sushi~! lol ☆⌒(*^-°)

I love pretty jewelry too! Diamonds were a girl’s best friend until I found out they are so inanimate – oops boring – now my best friend is my kawaii fairy Godfather. He is living inside my Dad’s sake bottle. Sometimes I need his helps so I open the bottle and drink lots of sake. Then he appears but don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic. I’m too young to drink. (*´ェ`*)

My Dad is from Japan. But I lived in Paris oh la la la! My Dad ‘s job is to own hotels. Now I have moved to Beverly Hills to run his new one. It’s called the Beverly Hills Love Hotel (rabu hoteru). Please visit…or else! (just kidding) (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Hope to see you there!

Sometimes I like to cosplay, so I turn myself into fun things like fruit or penguins or I become a rice maker.

I used to wear a lovely red ribbon but I got a cease and desist letter.

I am very progressive in my views. I think all kitties need mouths otherwise how can they speak, ne? Also, no eating humans. That’s bad. I also think that we should occupy all the sushi-ya (restaurants) where only 1% of the sushi chefs have total control over 99% of the fish. Also I think it should rain cherry blossoms, hearts and kisses instead of water which makes my hair frizzy. \(>o<)/

Please love me! (or else…just kidding) 八(^□^*)

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