John Lennon @Katana Robata-ya and Sushi

The Katana-Cardenas crew! (Katana overlooks the famed Sunset Blvd. in the heart of LA, and serves up some amazing sushi, robata, etc.)

John Lennon makes a guest appearance…new piece created for Blunt Graffix’s Dead Rockstars show coming up next month!

Awesome food as always…Michael Cardena’s chefs do an outstanding job…great Asian-fusion…and now I have some gold inside of me…

Despite my lactose intolerance…I ate it all! One of the new dishes at Katana…

Kobe beef something? I need to pay more attention! In any case, it was very tasty.

Ok, not the best but that’s what you get when you take photos of yourself with an iphone. My eyeball looks like it’s about to explode out of my face! lol

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