Disney “Wonderground Gallery” Launch!

I was incredibly honored and thrilled to be part of the launch of Disneyland’s newest Art Gallery – WONDERGROUND. I was there for the opening on June 9th and joined by talents like Matthew Hawkins, Jerrod Maruyama, Martin Hsu and Amy Mebberson.

Disney says of the gallery: 

“Distinctive, eclectic and uncommon, this contemporary setting is, in itself, a blank canvas, providing the ultimate venue where unique art collections, works from a new generation of artists and unexpected finds in home and lifestyle merchandise, take center stage. WonderGround Gallery draws inspiration from Disney’s deeply rooted art and storytelling-driven heritage – especially the idea of stepping through the looking glass, which the greatest of art allows us to do.”

My contribution: “MOUSETOWN” (a Mixed-Media original, with acrylic on canvas/gicelee). It’s another tale of Mickey in an alternate dimension…an homage to film-noir like Chinatown, and Haruki Murakami’s interdimensional epic, 1Q84…

Opening Day at the gallery was as busy as you can imagine – this is later in the day. You can see some prints of Jerrod Maruyama’s “Hipster Mickey” in the background, along with David Perillo’s “We Scare Because”…

Signed limited-edition paper reproductions of MOUSETOWN, signed at the opening event.

– Sean

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