Art Installation @ Aburiya Toranoko

One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles’ historic Little Tokyo district is currently featuring an installation of my prints and originals. Highly recommended spot to have an Omakase dining experience in front of Hisa-san.

The wildly cool main dining room at Toranoko – the mural on the wall itself was created by a local LA graffiti artist.

You can see “Reflections of a Kitty”, on the far left followed by a reproduction of “Mayumi: Bubble Blossom” (original hangs at Disneyland)

Super Mario homage, originally created for Gallery 1988’s Retro Videogame show.

The White/Red “Kiss Osaka Goodbye” sits in the middle…next to my Marvel Comics-ish, Stark Raving MOD piece, as well as a reproduction of one of my pieces from Nisei Week’s 70th anniversary event.

Some wonderful food to go with the art prepared by master chef Hisa-san! :)


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