スパイダーマン Supaidāman and His Amazing Tomodachi!

“スパイダーマン Supaidāman and His Amazing Tomodachi”, Mixed-Media original, with acrylic on canvas

Well, I originally was going to create a very subject specific Japanese Spider-Man piece for Q POP’s Tokusatsu show, but after completing the drawings of both Leopardon (Giant Robot from the show) and Spider-Man, I decided to opt for a grand Otaku-Designer-Vinyl Battle Royal instead). I’ve never seen a Spider-Gloomy before but thought that this could be a cool direction to go in.

The original trailer for Toei’s Spider-Man. I own the dvd but not a big fan of the titles Marvel placed on top of the original for the new release. Ridiculously amusing show.

There are actually virtual-pages created for the gallery wrap on this piece, so the whole thing functions as a giant comic book. Some of the guest stars – A Steve Ditko “Spider-Peter” looking onwards as Spider-Gloomy does some damage to Spider-Man, Super Mario with tats on his way to help, Yabuki Joe ready for action as well, GoGo Yubari (Zombie version) watches as she sits on Leopardon’s leg, Hello Kitty Spider-Gloomys attack from above with a Ditko era Chameleon watching from the right. Some film strips at the bottom of the piece and the words that are slightly obscured above read, “Q POP GIRI NINJO KYODAI GROUP”, where Marvel Comics Group would normally appear.

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