JOHN LENNON at Blunt Graffix’s “Dead Rockstars” Show

john lennon fine art - sean danconia copy

“John Lennon: Magical Mystery Life” – Sean D’Anconia, for Blunt Graffix’s “Dead Rockstar” Show

john lennon art sean danconia - magical mystery life

Side view – used a 70’s color scheme inspired by Yellow Submarine of course! John’s body is split in two between nudity with 60’s/70’s psychedelic irezumi tattoo work, and more formal MOD-couture :) – nods to Yokoo Tadanori and a few others of Japan’s Pop/Mod/Outsider artist movement

Dead Rockstars Show - John Lennon

Dead Rockstars Show

In great company – check out some of the other work on display

Dead Rockstars opening

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