D’Anconia’s “REFLECTIONS of a KITTY”, Mixed-Media, Acrylic on Canvas

Here she is in my mini Japanese garden (hope to have a life size one in the future). The name of the piece is REFLECTIONS of a KITTY and it’s a POP-FUSION mixed-media original, one of a kind. Made through a combination of drawing, digital, 3D and finished in acrylic paint.

Used a nice high gloss medium for the hair which you can see in some of the pics.

So the back-story here is that this is a film starring Kitty where she basically switches bodies with one of her ancestors (this is the second piece to feature my punked-out Kitty martial artist – the first was Crouching Kitty, Hello Dragon). They can only see each other in the water, and as Gloomy and pals are attacking San Francisco (and our favorite store!) – Kitty comes to the rescue.

Guest stars include Gloomy, Gloomy Dunny, Doraemon (as Kitty’s husband), Mayumi, SoSumi (pink Gojira-ish character), Astro Boy, and more! Lots of Gotochi Kitty inspirations, and I drew up a ton of the toys (and modified accordingly).

Inquiries on Reflections of a Kitty (Art by Sean D’Anconia) should be made to Yukiko Yamamoto – yukiko@danconia.jp

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