Nisei Week Poster art “sold out” but…

Both happy and sad to say that Nisei Week sold out of the poster I designed for year’s festival. However, I am making available an open-edition alternative for those that missed the chance to get over to Little Tokyo and pick one up. This will be printed on High Gloss 300g paper premium-quality, resin-coated. Acid free. With archival inks.

It’s not an official Nisei Week poster, but it does reflect a similar look and feel, while still featuring Mayumi in all her kawaii cosplay matsuri glory! Hope you like it, and thanks to all those who came out for your support of the festival, and for your kind appreciation of my art. どうもありがとうございました!

Happy to sign it if you’re out and about in my neck of the woods – just reach out after you receive it. sean (at) danconia.jp

Here is the link: MAYUMI WEEK

Mayumi Week Little Tokyo Sean D'Anconia

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