MICKEY & MINNIE Art Release – Downtown Disney® District

Minnie's Green Tea Cafe - Mickey Mouse Disney Sean D'Anconia Art (1)
“MINNIE’S GREEN TEA CAFE” (ミニーの抹茶カフェ) by Sean D’Anconia, (mixed media original, with acrylic on canvas)

Mickey & Minnie Mouse inspired “Pop Fusion” Art RELEASE EVENT and signing – at the Pop Fusion Exhibit at Wonderground GalleryDowntown Disney®District, Disneyland® resort.

On August 24th , 2013 – from 11 to 1pm -I’ll be at Wonderground Gallery for the release and signing of a new mixed-media (one-of-a-kind) original art piece, entitled “Minnie’s Green Tea Café”, at the new Pop Fusion Art event – other artists appearing that day will be Noah, John Coulter and Sam Carter.

The gallery will be carrying my one-of-a-kind, which is 58” x 29” on canvas and hand-enhanced with acrylic. The artwork will also be available in a limited edition giclée (Edition size 95 units) and open edition deluxe prints.

Like all of my mixed-media pieces, many techniques were used to create “Minnie’s Green Tea Café” including photography, drawing, spray paint, digital, 3D, etc. along with heavy research into the subject matter, and locations (especially Green Tea!).

Minnie's Green Tea Cafe - Mickey Mouse Disney Sean D'Anconia Art (3)

“Minnie’s Green Tea Café” is the 3rd visual chapter in a series that I started with “MOUSETOWN”, originally launched at the opening of Wonderground Gallery.

Mickey has been transported to an alternate (mirror) universe after playing with a deck of Yensid’s magical hanafuda (flower cards) deck (after being warned not to – of course). Our hero has to find all the missing cards scattered throughout Mousetown, so he can return to his own place and time – this is helped by the fact that in Mousetown , Mickey is a famous detective. Along the way, he encounters lots of new and old friends, a villain or two, adventures, love and mystery! (but of course)

Minnie's Green Tea Cafe - Mickey Mouse Disney Sean D'Anconia Art (6)

In this scene, Mickey is aware that Minnie has discovered a few of the hanafuda. As he tries to convince her to return them, Mickey also offers to assist Minnie who runs Mousetown’s famous Green Tea House by using some familiar broomsticks to transport a new shipment of Ocha お茶 (tea) to her front door. Unfortunately, some things never change and Mickey’s control over his magic is not all that stable. Tea is pouring into the pond outside and things are starting to overflow. What you are seeing takes place seconds before the entire Tea House is flooded.

Minnie’s fan reads: Red String of Fate or Destiny, a concept popular in Asia concerning the connection two people (or Mice) have together. – Each one has an invisible red string tied around the ankles or finger, binding their fate together.

Minnie's Green Tea Cafe - Mickey Mouse Disney Sean D'Anconia Art (2)

Some inspiration points:

– Fantasia / Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Retro Mickey animation / Vintage Nascar / Mickey Mouse Club /

– Victorian, Japanese, Disney Princess and Parisien sensibilities went into Minnie’s dress/kimono /

– Kyoto Hot Spring resorts / Ryokan / Green Tea / Cherry Blossoms / Old West / Koi Ponds / Sushi! / Ukiyo-E /

– Japanese anime / manga / Hanshin tiger’s (baseball team) / Samurai films (Yojimbo) / Ninkyo Eiga films (pre-1970) /

– The history of Hanafuda / Magic / Playing Cards / Tokyo Disney – DisneySea / Daruma dolls and Kokeshi /

– Hokusai’s The Great Wave at Kanagawa / Film Noir / Bogart


Dumbo as Sushi Chef, Reluctant Dragon and Elliott eating Chirashi & Sushi, Bambi, Magic Broomsticks carrying Green Tea, Mortimer, Super Lucky Mouse statue, Pluto as Japanese baseball player, Daisy in flowing Kimono, Snow White emerging from Japanese Movie Poster of her film, and many other surprises…you just need to look around carefully!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Wonderground Gallery on the 24th!

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  1. […] “Minnie’s Green Tea Café“, por Sean D’Anconia. Una hermosa pieza con todo lo que me gusta: arte pop, inspiración japonesa, y manga japonés. Ni hablar del kimono de Minnie. Era un cuadro realmente impactante. […]

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