Mayumi-chan had her chance to become realized in the flesh at Nisei Week 2014, with the help of Designer and Master Kimono-stylist Oshimoto-san (Sueko Oshimoto), President of Suehiro Kimono, and Photographer/Kimono Stylist, Terauchi-san (Kentaro Terauchi), manager of Suehiro Kimono. And of course – the fantastic Hair and Make-up courtesy of Yamakawa-san (Akiko Yamakawa).

Nisei Week Sueko Oshimoto Danconia

It was a huge honor to have both Oshimoto-san and Terauchi-san participate in creating the costume for our Mayumi-chan cosplayer who was featured in the Nisei Week parade (by my side). From Vogue to The Grammys to the new Wolverine movie, Oshimoto-san has contributed her dynamic, cutting edge designs to a plethora of industries, events and creative endeavors.

Nisei Week Sueko Oshimoto Danconia 6

Special thanks to our cosplayer, actress Okada-san (Mami Okada) for her graceful, yet super Kawaii portrayal of the one and only Mayumi! 

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  1. Jade Jang-Flores says:

    Citizens of Los Angeles and Nisei Week 2014 Parade and customers were most fortunate that Mr. Sean D’Anconia was selected as the Official Artist of the Nisei Week Memorabilia (posters, clothing, souvenirs, etc.). His Artistry and Personal Appearances around the Southland and especially in the Japanese, Korean and Asian communities show his affinity for people. Mr. D’Anconia should continue his unique and exciting work in all mediums as he sees fit. Thanking him for his gracious generosity and hoping that he will generate more attention for his gifted and beautiful works of art.

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