Popeye 85th Anniversary Tribute Art Show

On September 5th, 2014 – my favorite sailor and yours – Popeye – will have his 85th Birthday celebration as part of an official King Features art tribute, “Strong to the Finich” at Hero Complex Gallery, curated by Chogrin. The event begins at 7:00 pm at 2020 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles 90034.

Popeye Chogrin Art Show

I’m truly honored to have the chance to participate and as some of you know, part of what brought me to LA was the opportunity to work with King Features as I had been a lifelong fan of their characters and comics. (they found me at an apparel tradeshow in Vegas)

Popeye Tribute Art Hero Complex Gallery 85th sean Danconia

Above: Popeye hits Sunset Blvd in this preview pic for the event

The art itself showcases Popeye at his retro finest along with a slick re-boot of Olive. My idea was to show Popeye returning from his earlier voyage from Japan (see Yokosuka Popeye) to settle for a short time in Los Angeles, circa 1955-65.

The background is a combo of both Downtown LA’s historic Little Tokyo district (where I created the original designs for King on Popeye/Olive) and elements from Japan itself. Homage to Popeye creator Elzie Crisler Segar (E. C. Segar) abound and some rare iconography from his Thimble Theater are included on the Monopoly-style squares surrounding the main image.

Popeye Land of the Rising Sailor (from 36 views of Mount Olive) by Sean Danconia

Popeye: Land of the Rising Sailor (from 36 view of Mount Olive), Limited Edition art by Sean Danconia

Other (revealed) easter eggs are various Popeye-inspired Hanafuda cards along with a hidden hit or two from the actual Popeye Nintendo cards from the 60’s. Bluto/Brutus tattooed up with Wakao Ayako-irezumi, an alternate Ukiyo-E inspired “Great Wave of Kanagawa”, and while Popeye eats wasabi instead of Spinach, Wimpy goes for Omakase sushi — don’t want to give away all the surprises so check them out in person if you can or on Hero Complex’s website.

Several Limited Edition color variations will be made available including a Mintage, Vintage and Comic Book / Silk Screen variation. The Mixed-Media “one of a kind”, acrylic on canvas – can be purchased by contacting Hero Complex Gallery direct.

See you all at “Strong to the Finich!” — official Popeye Art Tribute on Friday!

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