sean d'anconia biography

Some look into the face of Popular-Culture and see a world-wide-web of incomprehensible ultra-commercialism. Others like Canadian artist Sean Danconia, peer eastward, westward and back again, discovering a sparkling disco-ball inferno of souped-up drag-race hyper-enthusiasm, a kitschy retro-futurist youthquake, and a high-fashion, heavy-plastic glob of fun.

Iconoclast Danconia has built an eye-popping visual universe by marrying cult-cinema, comics and anime to a wild Pop-Art aesthetic, lending his artful style to Disney®, Hello Kitty, the Bob Marley Estate, Anime Expo®, King Features and Marilyn Monroe, among others – in addition to an unending onslaught of independent projects and exhibits. From fine-art to apparel to animation, those colorful, multi-layered collages of cinematic stories and iconic characters are instantly recognizable in Danconia’s immutable “Pop-Fusion” & “Super-Pop” stylization.


Featured galleries include Spoke Art, Mouche Gallery, (Beverly Hills), Gallery 1988, Hero Complex, Art Insights, Joseph Watson Collection (Las Vegas) and notably Wonderground Gallery at The Downtown Disney ® District, where Danconia’s signature “Pop-Fusion” aesthetic has been officially adopted sparking a new school of artistic expression.

Irreverent, prolific, explosive – the Danconia composite world is a “bio pic” of his own imagination, based on an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture past, and a knowing eye for future trend undercurrents years before they hit. All this plus a creative arsenal integrating hand painting, illustration and photography, with 3D & digital mediums, culminating in what Danconia identifies as “SuperPop – an irreverent rebellion against the SuperFlat and traditional PopArt movements.